Seafood Restaurant in Ormond Beach, FL

Many people all over the world love to enjoy the unique flavors of seafood. From a vast variety of fish and crustaceans, a plethora of dishes are made. However, the secret to an exquisite seafood dish relies on quality of freshness. Which is why at Little Tomoka Yacht Club, we are the best seafood restaurant in all of Ormond Beach, FL.

On top of our signature dishes that we make here at Little Tomoka Yacht Club, we have a wide selection of steaks so you can order your favorite specialty. From our beef ribs to our pork cubes, our seafood restaurant is the place to go if you’re looking for quality and quantity. Even if you’re stopping by for a quick bite to eat, our steak house will be more than happy to whip up one of our delicious dishes for you! Either way, you can bet that every bite will be better than the last. The best part is that you can enjoy your salmon or stake while you sit at our beautiful patio dining.

At Little Tomoka Yacht Club, we are not only the best restaurant but we’re also the best lounge in Ormond Beach, FL that proudly provides the freshest seafood around. Stop by today!


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